New Lenox Community Park District in New Lenox

New Lenox Community Park District in New Lenox, IL is a great place to visit for its many attractions and activities. There is an admission fee, but it is worth it for all that the park has to offer. Some of the things to see here include the beautiful scenery, the many different types of birds and animals, and the variety of plants and trees. The activities to do here include hiking, fishing, swimming, playing in the playground, and picnicking. There is something for everyone at this park!

One of the best things about the New Lenox Community Park District is that there is a large picnic area. This is perfect for spending a warm day outdoors with family and friends. There are also plenty of trails to explore, so be sure to bring along your hiking boots. If you’re looking for a place to cool off, the park has a swimming pool and a fishing pond. And, if you have children, they will love playing in the playground and on the slides and swings. It’s definitely worth a visit!