Packing and Posting Glass

Posted on May 02, 2014. 107 comments

We are interested in your tip's and tricks for posting out glass artworks. Please add and share your experiences so we can get a consensus on what to do and who to use. Please name and shame but also praise the good guys. So we are looking for across the board tips on packing the best and worst couriers. Any insurance tips or wordings. Please add your comments below. We will then collate the infomation.


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  • Posted by Rosemary Pearce on Jul 08, 2014

    I always wrap glass in acid free tissue first before wrapping in bubblewrap, using minimum tape to hold the bubblewrap in place. Then double box making certain there is room for either bubble-wrap or peanuts in-between the two boxes. I also make certain their is a Red ‘Fragile’ sticker or tape on each surface and one directly above the address as directed by the postal service.

  • Posted by Bruntnell Astley on May 06, 2014

    Please do we have couriers and delivery people you would like to talk about?

  • Posted by Debby Moir on May 02, 2014

    I always ‘double box’. Wrap glass carefully in Bubble wrap, find or make a box that it fits snugly inside (can always pad with a bit more bubble if shape not quite right). Then put inside a larger box with at least 5-10cm clearance all around. Fill the gap with polystyrene chippings so that the outer box is firm. Tape up with ‘Fragile’ marked tape. If the outer box is large I sometimes use an extra layer of cardboard inside to reinforce it. If you are sending more than one item in an outer box, make sure that the inner boxes are taped together with extra layers of bubble in between so that they act as one ‘lump’ and so do not hit against each other in transit. I have been sending very fragile and expensive glass by this method for years and so far have not had any breakages.

  • Posted by Jonathan Smith on May 02, 2014

    I have wooden crates specially made up for each piece out of 1/4inch thick treated ply wood. Make sure i have around 4cm thick foam rubber around the entire piece. (the type used in cushions etc) luckily where i’m from there’s a good wholesale suppliers who will cut everything for me just to slot into my crate.
    Pack any gaps up with off cuts of foam/rolled up bubble wrap and generally just dont make sure the piece(s) dont move inside. I’ve been packing like this for a long time and never had one breakage. I feel this way is pretty failsafe, okay you add an extra couple of kgs on to your shipping weight but i’d rather spend a bit extra money on packaging & shipping costs rather than risk having work broken at the last minute.

  • Posted by Val Zacharias on May 02, 2014

    I hope you can come up with a good procedure. I live on an island in the Caribbean, and I thoroughly packed a shoe box full of small pieces, taped it shut, and put it in my luggage. It should have survived nicely, but the American security service (TSA, I think) sliced open the box and left it open, so what I got was tiny bits of glass. It’s a big issue for me.
    It seems to say on their website that you can put glass in carryon luggage. Has anyone tried that?

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