Sunday 27th July 'Pâte-de-verre' By Prof Keith Cummings Dr Max Stewart and Mark Bath feed back!

Well thanks to all on a great day. We had people travel as far as Sunderland Cornwall and London here are some of the comments below. But a big thank you to Keith, Max and Mark. Also a big thank you to Kari and the staff at Broadfield Glass Museum for opening up the doors and and the collection.  


"Thank you Simon for organizing this meeting. A lively debate and tonnes of shared knowledge. Keith Cummings, Max Stewart and Mark Bath were indeed the most generous of speakers. A joyful day all around"

"Great course today at Broadfield House Museum on Pate de Verre lovely to see Kate and thanks to Simon and Kari"

"A great day. Everything I had previously learnt about Pates de Verre is now being thrown out of the window and I am putting all these superior tips and ideas into practice"

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    Sunday 27th July ‘Pâte-de-verre’ By Prof Keith Cummings Dr Max Stewart | Bruntnell-Astley Ltd.

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