Bruntnell-Astley Call to UK Glass Artists 2016

Bruntnell –     Call to UK artists 2016

In 2016 with the closure of Broadfield glass museum and its relocation by the British Glass Foundation to the new bespoke ‘Whitehouse site’ just opposite the ‘Redhouse Cone’ in Stourbridge UK.  A new national glass collection will be housed, opened up and displayed in the very heart of UK's once glass making industry.

Bruntnell-Astley is in negotiations with the British Glass Foundation with regard to having an in house gallery, for the Autumn of 2016. Bruntnell-Astley will display contemporary glass art that will be available for purchase to the public (sale or return basis). It will not form part of the national collection but it will compliment it. It’s our aim to create an ongoing saleable display of contemporary glass artworks to the highest order, and show the very best standards of making in the different glass practises.

We are looking for applications from all areas of making: Full time students studying glass as a main subject-Full time professionals-Part time makers with a strong track record of exhibitions and sales. (Areas we not interested in at the moment are diachroic kilned glass Jewellery.)


Bruntnell-Astley will be taking ‘offers of interest’ from UK glass artists and invited international artists. Bruntnell-Astleys ethos is simple.

From full time glass student to international name, if invited to display you will be treated and presented on an equal basis.The quality and craft of the work should speak for itself.

 Basically, works can be put forward and we will keep the details for future display (if still available from you). Also what may not be right for display now, maybe right for future in a different context of display?


Until May 1st 2016 we are accepting applications of interest. Please send the following in an email to:

Please make the subject header : ‘Your name’ artist application

Your artist profile include CV (word format)

Good quality images of the artwork for submission (high res Jpegs acceptable)

Dimensions of artwork in mm

Standard Retail Price and Artist price

Any special delivery requirements


We look forward to hearing from you.


Regards        Simon Bruntnell  & Tony Astley 

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  • Jelena Popadic on

    Hi, I am Artist and designer working with glass .I live and work in Amsterdam . Will you be so kind to ad me to your news letter.
    Kind regards,
    Jelena Popadic

  • Mert on

    get it here ; not working. Mind ulniadopg this Dave Ball release again. End of the yerar ‘Nostalgia’, I guess.However, many other great things to go moody through the coming days. GREAT!Wouldn’t an alphabetical list be an option rather then going through the ulniadopg dates list. The sheer mass of worthy things is certainly great, but who has the time to go through it all and who might find actuall all meeting ones taste?However, great job you’ve done and sure will for 2009guido

  • Daniela Forti on

    my name is daniela Forti, i am a glass artist for many years, my work is on the jellyfish as a source of inspiration.
    I wanted to know if your proposal is also open to international artists or only UK? Thanks so much.
    Kind regards
    Daniela Forti – Jellyfish Glass

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