Malcolm Andrews workshop 14th of November

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An excellent workshop was had by all Malcolm Andrews showing traditional glass making skills to a group of young makers. So much was it appreciated they group asked to make a new date for for intermediate makers there's now a January class. Also Malcolm will be running a day for total beginners on the 20th January.



I have recently taken part in some glass blowing workshops up in Stourbridge at The Red Cone Glass House. These workshops have been taught by master glass blower Malcolm Andrews who used to work in the glass industry when it was thriving in Britain. The skills he has taught us are skills that would have originally been secrets kept within the factory walls. Because of this a lot of the techniques he has shown us are not recorded in any published books. I will be uploading a video soon of me attempting the rolling pin....Caz Dowell

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News from Bruntnell-Astley

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Welcome to all, this will be our latest news and views section to Bruntnell Astley or BA from now on. Here you will be able to see what we are thinking in the future or return answers to questions. Today 21/11/13 myself and Fiaz Elson will be traveling to Kilncare to discuss some very interesting developments we are hoping to nurture  in Stourbridge. Its something which will appeal to artists and makers and hopefully strengthen teaching and development in all aspects of glass making new and old in techniques.

Has things develop I will post them here and on the  facebook glass work shops.

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First Post

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