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Alison Kinnaird MBE £5795

Glass Art by Alison Kinnaird MBE £5795

Alison Kinnaird has an international reputation as an outstanding,
innovative engraver. Her work is in many royal, public and private
collections, including the V&A Museum and the Corning Museum, NY. Her
most recent major commission was the Donor Window in the Scottish
National Portrait Gallery, which includes 13 portraits of generous
supporters of the Gallery's recent refurbishment. She is also a
leading exponent of the Scottish harp, and in 1997 was awarded an MBE
for services to Art and Music.

Wheel-engraving is an ancient technique which has not changed much
since Roman times. It is a demanding, slow and increasingly rare
skill. Kinnaird uses its subtle modelling and jewel-like delicacy in
works which range from small, intimate pieces to installations on an
architectural scale.

Alison Kinnaird's unique glass combines the ancient technique of
wheel-engraving with modern LED lighting. Wheel-engraving is often
dismissed as small-scale and limited, but Kinnaird's work can be
architectural in size, while still retaining an intimate quality of
gem-like detail. The subject matter is almost always figurative, and
uses the innate character of the medium - fragility, transparency,
reflection - to comment on the human condition.Her subjects introduce
timeless symbolism or comment on contemporary society. She combines
the artistic potential of the medium with new technology, using LEDs
to bring luminescence and colour to the images engraved on the glass.

She is also in demand as a teacher and lecturer at home and abroad.