Artist Collections:

Glass Art by Elliot Walker price range £150-£2075

Artist Statement 

All my sculptures have been produced by sculpting the glass whilst it is in a molten state, this gives me the opportunity to use the liquid nature of glass to distort the human form and to use all the coloring techniques available to conventional glass blowers.  

The ideology surrounding the human body has always interested me. It makes sense for humans to worship that which is important to us, and those things that we are in constant contact with, and the idea of using our self image to represent our deities characterises our social and personal egotism.The selective exaggeration of the body has often been used to represent the ideological transcendence of the human form and I aim to expand on this tradition through my sculptures.


I began studying glass making in 2009 at Dudley Collage after completing a Bsc degree in Psychology. I have then been accepted onto the MA program at Wolverhampton university and am currently in my final year. I have worked as a glass blowing demonstrator at the Red House Glass Cone and am currently a production maker at the Top Glass studio in Bromsgrove. I am beginning to exhibit my work around the UK and have demonstrated glass blowing at the Art in Action festival and at Peter Layton's London Glass Blowing Studio along Side the glass artist Tim Boswell.