Dr Heike Brachlow RCA


The unexpected.

The slightly odd, the surreal, the uncanny.

Precariousness. Stability.

Equilibrium. Imbalance.

Movement. Things that change.

Things that are not what they seem.

Questioning rules.

Colours, shadows, light.

There but not there.

Puzzles. Building blocks. Glass


Transformation of matter.

Fragile. Solid.

Monumental form. Archetypes.

Ambiguous, intangible, transparent.

The potential for chaos. 



Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Heike Brachlow started working with glass in Rotorua, New Zealand, as an apprentice in a small studio. Having received her BA in 2004 from the University of Wolverhampton, her MA in 2006 and her PhD in 2012 from the Royal College of Art in London, she now works as a self-employed artist in her studio. Heike’s often precariously balanced sculptures aim to physically engage: the viewer becomes toucher – invited by words or form, boldly or guiltily. Colour is an important part of her work: the exploration of the interaction of colour, form and light in solid transparent glass during her PhD research has led her to producing her own glass colours, adding metal oxides to the glass batch during the melting process. This enables her to create a personal palette, which consists mostly of subtle tones and polychromatic colours, that is colours that change in different types of light. Her work reflects her attraction to movement and transformation, both in colour and form.