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Glass Art by Jonathan Harris Collect17

Throughout my glassmaking career that now spans some 30 years, I have researched & developed the Graal & cameo carving techniques, with exciting & innovative results. I am very perceptive concerning glassmaking & decorative techniques, which I have adapted or reinvented to achieve a new approach.
My fascination with all forms of ornamentation, graphic art, photography & technology, coupled with my glass engraving and carving skills, continues to present a unique and potent combination.
I design decorative surface patterns to combine with the molten glass. By carving through multiple colour overlays, 24ct gold and silver leaf, I create the imagery with a combination of diamond point & sand carving techniques. By fusing detailed imagery & ornamentation with the molten fluidity of hot glass, it's translucency, reflective qualities & its potential as a vehicle for colour, constantly enthuse my passion to create innovatory works of art.
I take inspiration from my surroundings & constantly strive to discover methods of capturing a sense of atmosphere & narrative through surface & substrate decoration.
I use various carving techniques to divide the narrative by carving imagery on both the internal and external surfaces of the crystal form. Incorporating gold leaf between the layers of vibrant colour, coupled with a clear glass substrate & carving inner and outer layers, the light source & angle of viewing rotates allowing the narrative to coalesce and become one.
Each hand carved surface is lustrous, tactile & translucent, enticing the viewer to touch, caress & engage with the vessel.

I create bespoke vessels for clients including Asprey, Christian Dior, Museums, galleries and private collectors worldwide.
'Jonathan Harris Studio Glass' is a creative husband & wife team with glassmaking support & expertise from Daren Weed, Dan Rigeway & Kate Goodwin.