Artist Collections:

Glass Art by Laura Hart

Artist's Statement

Inspired by my love of flowers, particularly orchids, and the organic gentility of the nouveau period, my sculptural flower collections combine several glass fusion techniques. Emulating the delicate, ethereal translucency of flower petals, I recreate the living structure as it forms in nature, so that backlighting reveals every gossamer detail through the layers in a diffused spectral glow.

In contrast, I pay homage to the optical geometry of the stylish deco period with my functional glass art; combining architectural form and vibrant colour to create dramatic refraction and movement as the piece interacts with natural and artificial light spectrums. 

My figurative sculpture is inspired by human interaction with the natural environment and our place within it. I favour clay as my initial medium; fashioning man and Earth as an indivisible entity. In their final incarnation as cast glass sculptures, the medium lends itself perfectly to the fragile relationship the work represents. 


Laura’s diverse creative career spans over thirty years, from theatre and film to architectural restoration of Heritage buildings. She studied 3D modelling and animation at Colchester for three years from 2004 which led to design commissions to create large-scale public sculpture for concept artists and stage sets for pop stars. 

Many of the sculptures incorporated glass and design specifications demanded an understanding of the processes. Immediately captivated by the medium whilst observing glass artists at work, she studied with Erna Piechna at Creative Glass in Rochester in 2009 and Northlands Creative Glass School 2011. 

Immersed in the medium ever since, Laura’s studio is nestled in the heart of rural Suffolk, just a stone’s throw from Gainsborough’s birthplace.  She continues to develop new techniques and skills; accommodating her insatiable hunger to create art in glass.