By Julie Anne Denton


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  • BeTTeR_To_HaVe_LoVEd

Sandcast glass with flameworked inclusions, highly polished with nickel plate on steel and stone frame.


710 x 300 x 150

Falling for a man who lives in a foreign country, more often than not is a recipe for disaster; but stubbornness, obstinacy and perhaps inexperience encourage one to act and deal with any consequences (of course there will be no consequences because everything will work out just fine!!) later With hindsight its easy to say of course it didnt come to anything, but life is a journey in which we live and we learn. Sometimes there is pain, and we have to deal with that. This piece is an ode to the loss of something special.



All pieces have been made using a combination of two glass processes, encapsulating flameworked inclusions into sandcast glass. This process utilises three different methods of inclusion: The suspended inclusion, the surface inclusion, and the surface protrusion. All of which can be seen below