Colony v3
Georgia Redpath

Colony v3

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Name of artwork/s
Colony v3
Dimensions & rough weight
300mm (w) x 130mm (h) x 200mm (d) inc stand. Approx. 7.5kg
Cast and kiln-formed lead crystal
Colourway: Chardonnay and Hyacinth
Artist’s statement regarding the artwork
My work looks at the relationship between geometry and life: how everything is the product of simple geometric relationships (though sometimes you need a microscope to see them). Without hiding the underlying geometry, my aim is to use this abstract language to create patterns and forms which allude to the beauty of the natural world.

The Colony pieces are made using a modular system – so although they have a close resemblance to each other, each one has a different composition (just as the growth of any natural colony would vary). Once cast, the pieces go through a second “slump” firing, which curves the form and shapes each of the individual modules. Each piece therefore has its own movement and character.

These pieces won The Glass Prize 2019 (“Other Glass” category)