The Riley Range 'Vase'
The Riley Range 'Vase'
Vase seen with Riley 'Scent bottle'
Allister Malcolm

The Riley Range 'Vase'

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Allister Malcolm statement about The Riley Range


I have always loved Bridget Riley’s work and wanted to create a series of pieces which were drawing inspiration from one of her paintings. My intention was not to replicate a Riley image exactly. They are bold and it would have been a simple process to translate a pattern and apply it on to the surface of glass. Using Riley’s work as a starting point I liked the idea that fun was to be had distorting lines through the optical qualities of glass. With this in mind I wanted to create pieces which had details applied to the back which may be seen from the front. The Idea that the eye might be confused by what appears on the front of a piece through the distortions and this adds an element of intrigue to the item. 


Vase approximately 26cm tall £396

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