Jellyfish Chandelier
Jellyfish Chandelier
Jellyfish Chandelier
Iestyn Davis

Jellyfish Chandelier

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Project: Jellyfish Chandelier for White House Cone Exhibition

● 4 x bespoke jellyfish light sculptures, each incorporating:

GRAND TOTAL £5,860 + Vat

Delivery/Installation Needs to added between £420 and £650 depending on site distance and attributes ie specialist towers etc


Cable ends and wire clamps
QUOTATION - Client Copy
Each Jellyfish incorporates :
Round top plate 750mm diameter white powder coated aluminium with integrated
galvanised steel inner frame.
350ma LED driver(runs all)
12V 10 amp power supply (runs all)
Bespoke Jellyfish chandelier incorporating 3 custom-made hand-sculpted glass jellyfish forms suspended from a white powder coated aluminium top
plate assembly. Each jellyfish incorporates RF remote controllable RGB LED schedule plus white LED fibre optics.
Specialist soldering for the above
Specialist 80 tail fibre optic loom with ground common end
White LED to drive fibre optic loom
Bespoke aluminium spun top cap
Wi-Fi 104 Smartphone controllable RGB driver(runs all)
Hand blown glass dome with encapsulated mica inclusions. Diameter: 240-300mm.
Metalised mirror-finish interior acrylic dome
sculptural solid glass tentacles
Internal polished stainless steel plate
metres of RGB LED tape for top dome and inner plate
Solid clear acrylic sphere lenses supplied at the following diameters:
x Ø90
x Ø64
Suspended via 'invisible' micro-wire suspension system

Lighting Designer iestyn Davies is using Bruntnell Astley  to launch his new range of energy efficient Jellyfish Lights, a radical concept in lighting design for the home environment. Using the latest LED technology, these totally unique lighting sculptures utilise hand formed blown and sculpted hot glass, fibre optics and a myriad of mica flakes encapsulated within the glass, to capture the essence of these beautiful and mesmerising sea forms.


There is a noticeable trend for professionals seeking to develop and build their own home to look beyond energy efficient light bulbs to help comply with new legislation and guidelines on building an eco-friendly home. Many people are just getting to grips with LED technology, specifying the new breed of energy efficient bulbs wherever possible, in order to minimise their impact on the environment and to further comply with the new part L of the 2010 building regulations.


There is simply not much choice available for low energy lighting for special areas of the home, such as a striking atrium or staircase feature, but a specialist company such as iestyns' Contemporary Chandelier Company can provide numerous options. For the last twelve years iestyn has concentrated on combining LEDs with specialist glass and acrylics to produce a wide range of highly aesthetic lighting that is far more sculptural than pedestrian.


The Contemporary Chandelier Company has now shown its unique range of work for two years running at Grand Designs Live, the only Interior show they exhibit their work at each year. These shows have proven invaluable in the company’s development; apart from providing a fantastic platform for the public to see their designs and meet the designer, they also provide feedback allowing the development of new trends.


The Jellyfish Lights are the result of numerous meetings with potential clients; they fit into a previously under-developed market niche, namely the luxury bespoke market, where the end user can not only contribute to the design of the end product but can also control their own light-show seamlessly with Radio Frequency technology, selecting a huge number of parameters that allow full control of the lighting even down to dimming on specific colours. These forms have been developed to be used singly as individual statements or one can even design a whole shoal to swim down through an atrium or staircase.


Deposit taken of £2850 remaining to be paid on completion.