Jessie Lee 'Twist'

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  • Jessie Lee  'Twist'
  • Jessie Lee  'Twist'
  • Jessie Lee  'Twist'
  • Jessie Lee  'Twist'
  • Jessie Lee  'Twist'

 'Twist' kiln cast glass includes light box 

 Jessie Lee

I work in glass and ceramic, exploring the beauty of geometry, recurrence and order. I seek patterns in the movement of water, the twist and turn of flames, the perfection of crystal structures and the symmetry of flowers to inform my work which is ever evolving and in constant flux. It explores the processes of transformation in nature, and the narrative of space and boundaries. In my current work, I draw using CAD software that accurately replicates geometric shapes and gives me freedom to manipulate them in a myriad of ways to create forms with sensual curves that tessellate. Finally they are 3D printed or CNC milled to be cast in glass or ceramic.

I am technical advisor to Grymsdyke Farm, an experimental workshop
(www., researching innovative uses of materials and also helping postgraduate architecture and design students to realise their projects.
I have a Masters Degree from the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham and a Diploma in Ceramics from Chelsea College London.