Laura Hart 'Atlas Moth'

By Laura Hart


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  • Laura Hart 'Atlas Moth'
  • Laura Hart 'Atlas Moth'

Attacus Atlas (Atlas Moth)

Artist: Laura Hart

Fused wing sets, pate de verre cast body, sterling silver legs and antennae.

Life size. H. 8cm W. 26cm D. 26cm

The largest species of moth in the world found in the tropical and sub tropical forests of Southeast Asia; named after either the Titan of Greek mythology, or their map like wings. The Cantonese name translates to ‘Snakes head moth’ due to the wing tips mimicking a snake’s head to prevent bird predation.

The species lacks mouth parts, therefore cannot eat, relying on fat reserves built up during caterpillar stage. The adult moth lives only to reproduce and survives for just a couple or three weeks.

£2,250 inc display dome.


My work centres on the conservation of endangered flora and fauna; celebrating the sublime architecture of nature, whilst emphasising the fragility of individual species in the medium of glass. The techniques I employ to recreate my flower and entomological specimens include glass fusion, pate de verre casting, kiln forming and flame work, with the addition of sterling silver to achieve anatomical detail.

Whilst my orchid and wild flower collections are influenced by Georgia O’Keefe’s large-scale flower paintings, the meticulous detailing in my Lepidoptera series is driven by the desire to represent endangered and rare butterflies as vibrant living creatures; beautiful, precious and delicate. I create only one of each species or sub-species, their uniqueness and fragility accentuating the real threat of extinction these glorious creatures face due to human activity.

I have been working exclusively with glass for just over four years, though my background lies with large scale sculpture design for concept artists and International events. It is entirely due to my work as a designer that I first discovered the beauty and versatility of glass as an art medium and have since devoted most of my time to improving my skills and experimenting with combinations of techniques to create subject matter closest to my heart.