Richard Golding NZ Mountains

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NZ Mountains :

250x125mm approx


June 2010 to date: “Richard Golding at Station Glass”


  • Sole trader running a successful hot glass studio and gallery at Shenton Station in Leicestershire with a turnover of around £50,000 pa
  • Designed and built energy efficient combined electric furnace, glory hole and lehr to enable glass to be made in a small studio
  • Supports a “Friends of Station Glass” collectors base including periodic glassmaking events and public demonstrations

2000- June 2010: “Okra Glass”

  • Re-established  Okra Glass as an independent business after leaving the Moorcroft Group
  • Owner of Okra Glass based in Stourbridge with a turnover of around £180,000 pa
  • Regularly trained glassmaker assistants and glassmakers
  • Various teaching/support roles with students at Ruskin Mill using glassmaking as a tool to develop manual dexterity and improve thinking skills
  • Trained Terri College in cameo techniques and supported her move into self employment
  • Managed a worldwide collectors club of around 300 people.
  • Invited consultant for Oxfam supporting glassmakers in Guatemala

1997-2000: Technical and Design Director, Okra Glass within the Moorcroft Group

  • Trained and managed a team of 10 glassmakers
  • Served on the Moorcroft Board of Directors
  • Lead designer
  • Ran the factory from a technical and operation perspective


1979-1997: “Okra Glass”


  • Founded successful business with partner
  • Established Okra as a leading studio glasshouse in the UK
  • Designed and built energy efficiency equipment in a range of different studios
  • Developed a range of compatible colours with a low melting range and long hand working properties
  • Build up the Okra collectors base