'Self Contained Spray'

By Joanna Manousis


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  • 'Self Contained Spray'
  • 'Self Contained Spray'

Self Contained Spray cans are available for commission only with your choice of portrait painted onto the piece. 

Price of each piece ranges from £2,800.00 - £5,800, depending on the scale and the detail of the portrait.

Material: Blown/Kiln Cast Glass/Hand-Painted Enamel

Size: 150mm (w) x 380mm (h) x 100mm (d)  |   5.9” (w) x 14.9” (h) x 3.9” (d)

'Self-contained Spray' has been fabricated using a complex range of glass working methodologies. Using the 'graal' technique in which a glass bubble is blown, sandblasted and hand-painted with high fire enamels, the graal portraying the chosen imagery is brought up to a peak temperature in a kiln, re-attached to a blow pipe and encased in glass. This is then blown out to the required bottle shape, its underside polished to peak clarity after cooling. The spray-can nozzle attachment is hand carved in wax, and, through various mould making techniques, cast in crystal in a kiln. Acid polishing brings this component to a clear finish, which is then UV bonded to the bottle canister to create the finished sculpture.