Simone Crestani Bonsai 2

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Born in 1984 in Marostica, in the region of Venice, he started working glass at the age of 15 at the Massimo's Lunardon glass factory. After an apprenticeship that lasted ten years, he opened his own studio, where he continues to work, dedicated to research and innovation.

An introspective and self-taught artist, over the years he put together all the lessons learned and the experience gained, and finally broke away from the traditional glass of Murano. In fact, he works borosilicate glass with a special technique of flameworking that he called Hollow Sculpture, technique for which Crestani is appreciated worldwide. This particular way to work allowed him to create large-scale objects in glass where also the details are curated.                                                         

Inspired by the never-ending variety of the natural world, the shapes of animals and plants magically come to life, even in their tiniest details, in an celebration of lightness and transparency. Simone Crestani’s technique, together with his personal style and sophisticated poetics, allow him to create an interaction, where glass overcomes its purely material dimension and becomes a fine and studied artistic language, a pure, silent and crystalline conceptual element.

In both the plastic arts and in the world of Italian design, Crestani is regarded as a young luminary with a compelling and diverse body of work. He is also regularly invited as visiting artist and instructor by prestigious art academies and glass schools all over the world.