Somatic Schism

By Alan Horsley


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  • Somatic Schism
  • Somatic Schism
  • Somatic Schism

Sand cast, hot sculpted, fractured and kiln formed glass with metallic oxide inclusions. 

These pieces are one-off and will not be repeated: no editions are available.

Two figures, each: 55 x 31 x 19cm. (2012).  

Somatoform disorders - where the perception or experience of one’s body can be drastically altered - provide the inspiration for this piece, where a single body ruptures and strains against itself, the shifting interior of the glass casting revealed between the distorted fragments.  Partial bodies run throughout my work, echoing ruined statuary and suggesting the breaking of the narrative of our memories. 

Delivery / Lead Time: 
Please allow two weeks for UK and up to four weeks for World shipping due to the size of the pieces.