ThAT's No WaY tO SaY GoODByE

By Julie Anne Denton


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Picture of ThAT's No WaY tO SaY GoODByE

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  • ThAT's No WaY tO SaY GoODByE
  • ThAT's No WaY tO SaY GoODByE
  • ThAT's No WaY tO SaY GoODByE

Love in the Autumn on distant foreign shores... This piece is a homage, and love is its muse. The lady waves happily, she feels like she is flying high with excitement and happiness, her roots/routes planted firmly in the ground to symbolize her inner strength regarding the sorrow of parting she knows she will soon have to experience, she is represented as a tree, and the colours of the cast are of Earth.Within the rough surface of the sandcast lie fallen Autumnal leaves, representing the golden storm created by the flushes of love, and why is she blue... because she is sad and calm and expectant and hopeful for her future.She is presented in surrounding shadow, as we all know the world outside can be a dark, lonely and cruel place but the area that SHE patrols is bathed in light and joy and warm kisses.

550mm x 200mm x 150mm